Sunday, January 16, 2011

Trends that changed Interiors

Trends that changed Interiors

With so much information on the internet, home improvement TV shows, decor magazines and celebrity Designers, the focus on design and style for the home got stronger in leaps and bounds over the last 10 years.

Innovations in technology also made it easier to develop, while crafts, other traditional motifs and styles are being reworked and updated to suit a more modern lifestyle.

The re-emergence of wallpaper as interior decoration. With painted walls being the style trend of the late 80s and 90s, this reinvention of wallpaper has been fuelled by the desire for more decoration and is now more affordable through advanced technology.

Wallpaper ranges appear at every level of the market from high-end to mass-market retailers. Uses, styles, materials and colors are so varied that it can easily perk-up or subdue emotions in a room.

Green Living.. Eco-awareness.
A combination of both attitude and material; ethically responsible manufacturing techniques are as important as the sustainable recyclable materials used.

Good for the planet and everyone's future, but also a massive selling point. Nature-based materials are being used and preferred over new plastics and other synthetic products.

Ethnic Inspiration.
The strength of inspiration which derives from global art, cultural motifs and specialised techniques can be applied to all manner of colors, textiles and decoration – from accents, decors, wall treatments, rugs, cushions, throws, towels and bed linens.

The prevalence of ethnic motifs and techniques are being used throughout the interiors industry. A simple wall adornment, few vases, some pillow covers and a color motif do the trick.

A strong craft revival combined with new styles and innovative technologies has meant a revaluation of design parameters – designers are fast becoming the masters of multiple styles.

Crafts doesn't only cover the usual Country or Shabby Chic styles of decorating. Crafts is now revived combining new materials, textures and styles resulting to a modernized version.

Design innovator John Pawson was a key player in the late 90's trend for a minimalist interior. The principle of the movement was to take away all unnecessary ornamentation and be left with only the essentials, revealing the naked object.

 This is a design trend embraced by hotels, restaurants, mass-market retailers and interior designers and is set to be permanent style option.

Old-world charm revival.
A continuing romantic and decorative trend where the mixing of modern lines and materials has been combined with 17th and 18th century charms and details.

Reinterpretation of historical references is pivotal in the development of design. This trend has been the greatest inspiration on the mass market in the last decade and not for exclusive few.

Beaded and sequined home accessories inspired by the fashion of the swinging 60's to the early nineties. Think: Austin Powers.. "Shagadelic, baby".. :)

Embellishment does not only mean sequins, gloss or beads.. New wall decor treatmnets can easily embellish a room to create a more glam ambiance.

High-gloss finish.
High-gloss finishes achieved by lacquered or polished materials continues to be a key patina for furniture and accessories alike.

High-gloss doesn't only refer to painted walls but it could also mean use of mirrors, glass and combination of bright colors in furniture covers and other materials to enhance a room.

Limited editions and Superstar status.
Blurring the boundaries between art and design, limited edition pieces/collections of furniture and accessories designed by artists and architects that are even highlighted in exhibitions and galleries.

Bloom chair is designed by internationally acclaimed Furniture Designer from the Philippines, Kenneth Cobonpue. More of Kenneth Cobonpue's designs at:

The blurring of disciplines allows for a new more diverse aesthetic, while the notion of limited editions also prevails in the lower end of the market as exclusivity will always be a selling point. In the past decade top international designers have enjoyed the status of superstars, successfully marketed through collaborations with big-name brands.  Collaborations are not limited to the high-end but mass retailers are also capitalizing on superstar designers' skills and status.


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